Finding the Brunels of the Future.

This unique programme celebrates the 200th anniversary of the birth of Isambard Kingdom Brunel, engineering genius, technical innovator, and one of the greatest figures of the Industrial Revolution. Presented by Lisa Aziz and produced in partnership with the South West of England RDA, we celebrate one of the foremost engineers of the 19th century and put possible Brunels of the future to the test. Students from the University of Bath, Bristol, and West of England go head-to-head in a unique competition to create daring and innovative engineering designs. The students are judged by inventor James Dyson, Andrew Kelly, Director of Brunel 200, and Gordon Masterton, President of the Institution of Civil Engineers in order to crown the ‘new Brunel’ of the 21st century – the individual or team that best reflects the diversity of Brunel’s astounding talent.

“This is a great project. We have always seen Brunel 200 as both about a man and the past and the future and one of our aims is to create new Brunels – creative individuals and teams dedicated to solving the problems and meeting the opportunities of our time.” -Andrew Kelly



James Dyson

Andrew Kelly

Gordon Masterton

Presenter – Lisa Aziz

Camera – Sean O’Driscoll

Sound Recordist – Michael Hutchinson/Miles Harris

Graphics – Alisa Robbins/ Carl Chittenden

Dubbing Mixer – Neil Hipkiss

Online Editor – Tim Bolt

Executive Producer for ITV – James Garrett

Producer – Cristina Galimberti

Director and Editor – Stuart Napier

Thanks to the University of Bath, University of Bristol, the University of the West of England, Professor Colin Taylor, SS Great Britain Trust, British Commonwealth, and Empire Museum, Clifton Suspension Bridge