Dark Habits, looks at the lives of people who inhabit the nighttime seeking pleasure in the twilight world.

According to psychologists we’re less inhibited at night. It’s a time when risks are taken and rules are broken. For Dorset-based ghost hunter Robert, he is most alive in the dead of night. He is called out to investigate reports of hauntings at Owlpen Manor in Gloucestershire. Home to five ghosts the Manor has an immediate effect on Robert. “When I walked in this house the atmosphere really hit me,” says Robert, “It doesn’t frighten me, I believe it’s the living you’ve got to be afraid of and not the dead.” A group of inner-city children travels to Macaroni Woods in Gloucestershire for a night out in the countryside. Most of the children live within sight of a streetlight so total darkness doesn’t exist in their lives until now. In his garden shed, astronomer Eddy has built two telescopes out of old car parts, scrap metal, and rubbish. For Star-mad Eddy, it is a very personal thing as his naked eye locks on to the target zillions of miles away. “Don’t you like to view the heavens and imagine what’s up there?”

For fishermen Martin and John the night is when the fish lose their fear and feed more freely.


The Ghost Hunter – Robert Snow

Fisherman 1 – John Horsey

Fisherman 2 – Martin Cottis

The Astronomer –  Eddie Carpenter

Titles -Ruth Molloy

 Online Editor – John Smith

Dubbing Editor – Jessica Merritt

Dubbing Mixer – Chris Domaille

Director of Photography – Matt Norman

Researcher – Patsy Titcomb

Executive Producer – Abigail Davies

Director and Editor – Stuart Napier

Thanks to The Vietnamese Youth project-Richard MacVicar-Noah’s Ark Children’s Project-Richard Wilkinson-Nicky and Karen Mander-Maggie Graupner.

123 Media production for HTV