The Real Full Monty documents the comic adventures of a group of six men who are thrust from their quiet, ordinary world into the spotlight. They are strikingly different from one another, fat and thin, young and old, and yet they share the  common bond of helping young Caitlin.

Five year old Caitlin is locked in a world of silence, unlikely ever to utter a word. Diagnosed last year with a rare genetic disease, Caitlin runs and plays like any other happy youngster but her outward appearance hides the fact she is just one of ten children in the UK with the condition known as Angelman Syndrome.

Her mother Selina wants to send Caitlin to Florida, where she can swim with Dolphins in the hope that it can improve her communication skills. The therapy is expensive and the family decided to launch the Caitlin Appeal.

Over a few drinks, regulars at The Bell pub in Wiltshire decided to back the Caitlin appeal. Their idea is to raise cash by staging a ‘ladies night’ in the village.

Will the men go through with it? Caitlin’s family certainly hopes so, as well as the 150 ladies who have bought the tickets.c




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Sean O’Driscoll

Scott Tibbles

Andre Yarme

Matt Coster

Tony Osborne

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Stuart Napier

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A feel-good film that shows that though people are complex and sometimes troubled, when they work together, they are capable of changing things for the better-The Bristol Evening Post.

 The Real Full Monty connects with its audience through its infectious good humour-Venue Magazine

‘A heartwarming programme’ The Bath Chronicle

 ‘Good music and a great story well handled’- The Western Daily Press