Wacky Racers gives a unique insight into one of Britan’s most popular and addictive pastimes- pigeon racing.

Taff and Kelly are a couple who are ‘mad for it!  “I don’t have any children so they’re my babies,”-Kelly. “I kiss the birds before each race and one sleeps in my bed.”

The cameras follow Taff and Kelly through the highs and lows of a racing season. In their first race, they lose 74 Pigeons, a complete disaster. But they fight on to bigger and better things.

Chris is an experienced flyer. Breeding and motivating the highest quality birds. He has no time for slackers. “If a pigeon can’t keep up, it gets disposed of. I have no time for rubbish!”-Chris

Jeff is an older racer, he suffers from a rare lung problem caused by the bloom from the pigeon’s feathers. “I was told if I didn’t give them up it would kill me,” Jeff.” They will have to go before  I do.”

Selective breeding, training, and understanding all play a part in creating a champion pigeon some of which can race 500 miles home in a single day.

Filmed in and around Bristol, the film explores the lives of these committed and obsessive racers.


The Pigeon Racers

Chris Balson

Dilwyn Evan (Taff)

Kelly Devonald

Nigel Templar

Jeff Blakely


Additional Camera

Dubbing Editor

Online Editor


Executive Producer for HTV

Director: Editor

Scott Tibbles


David Yapp

Sharon Stiles

Patsy Titcomb

James  Garrett

Stuart Napier


Thanks to Peter Bryant,-The Royal Pigeon Racing Association-The Towers South Road Flying Club-David Worgan.

An SN production in Association with Carlton for the West of England


‘A funny and engaging documentary’ – The Royal Television Society.


“Wacky Racers takes off with a flurry of feathers and a mass flapping of wings”- Bristol Evening Post.

‘A fascinating documentary”- Venue Magazine