Frankie Howard remains one of Britain’s best-loved comedians, and his influence continues to grow. But what do we really know about the man behind the famous catchphrases? Now for the first time this one-off documentary reveals dramatic new material, shining  a different light on everyone’s favourite comedian and reveals how Frankie lived in his private life.

When Frankie died the nation thought they knew him as a best friend, but only his close friends knew all his secrets. Titter Ye Not features the first on-screen interview with Dennis Heymer, Frankie’s former partner and manager of 38 years, he speaks candidly about their relationship as well as the ups-and-downs of Frankie’s career.

Since his death in 1992 his country home in Somerset has remained relatively unchanged. Now for the first time cameras have been given unprecedented access to Frankie’s private home. Each item in the house offers new insight into his life. There are riches hidden here that are now being seen for the very first time. Even by his close friends.

One of the visitor’s to the house is actress June Whitfield. A great friend of Frankie and Denis’, they talk candidly about Frankie’s life.

Like Pandora’s box the house unlocks many personal and forgotten memories. Frankie’s adopted son Chris Byrne clears out the house and opens it to the public in memory of his great friend. ”Frankie was a great hoarder,” says Chris. “There are over 5000 items in here, some of Frankie’s small toys he played with as a child and gifts from stars like Betty Davis, Joan Crawford and Grace Kelly.” Each item has a story to tell about the great man. Boxes of unseen photographs and personal letters spanning 40 years of British showbiz, making this a most revealing and personal film on Frankie Howerd.


Denis Heymer, June Whitfield, Chris Byrne


Frankie Howerd

June Whitfield

Dennis Heymer

Chris Byrne


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 Matt Coster

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Looking back on Frankie Howerd’s private life away from the spotlight. Filmed at his former home in Somerset.