It Starts on the Streets.

It Ends on the Stage

Kizzy Morrell, a professional singer with more than 15 years experience in the music business started the Bristol School of Urban Music to provide a platform for aspiring performers. By helping people discover, identify and become passionate about their individual uniqueness Kizzy hopes to bring about positive expression and a greater realisation of their true potential.

Our urban singers are set a challenge: to produce a song and record it within four weeks. Self-discipline and talent will be required to earn the opportunity to perform in front of music industry professionals in London.

Street Idol’s two part series documents this journey.


The Mentor

Kizzy Morrel

The Artists

The Music Producers

Remmy Croney

Nicole Jackson

Daryl Hand

Jade-Mere Rozell

DJ Godders




Additional Camera

Additional Sound



Dubbing Mixer

Executive Producer for ITV


Filmed and Directed by

Sean O’Driscoll

Simon Cole

Carl Chittenden

Tim Bolt

Matt Coster

James Garrett

Cristina Galimberti

Stuart Napier

A 123 Media Production for ITV


Seza is a well-respected street artist.  He was commissioned to design and paint the title sequence for Street Idol. It was sprayed at the Dean Lane Skatepark, Bristol.