123 Media is an independent TV production company based in Bristol, South West of England. Established in 2003 by Stuart Napier, producer/director and Cristina Galimberti, producer/business development director, the company has been successfully producing award-winning documentaries. In the past two years, we have been working closely with experienced freelance collaborators who have enabled us to maintain the high quality of our output. The number of international awards we have received speaks highly of this unique achievement. We are at present expanding into corporate and short films production.

About the co-founders:

Stuart Napier has been working in television since 1984, successfully distinguishing himself as an innovative editor, admired for his unique style, and contributing to a wealth of programmes of various genres for BBC and other major broadcasters. His creativity, technological know-how and experience in both editing and directing has enabled him to pursue his new interest and since 1998 Stuart has been more and more involved in producing documentaries from his own ideas and original material.

Cristina Galimberti has been working in international sales for 15 years dealing with customers worldwide and working with small companies to big corporates. Fluent in five European languages, Cristina has gathered during her career a varied and impressive fund of knowledge and experience, which enabled her to put together a network of international contacts in the publishing and media business. In 2003 Cristina decided to expand her horizons and move into TV production.